The health of our newborns is a concern for everybody! We know that over half of all neonatal deaths and stillbirths can be prevented through three simple proven interventions – newborn resuscitation, kangaroo mother care and breastfeeding. The key, especially in low-resource countries, is a massive scale-up in the development of workforce capacity of those rendering newborn care.

The Engage for Healthy Newborns (EHN) Campaign sends delegations of international volunteer professionals to partner countries in Africa and Asia. After an initial master training in evidence-based curricula such as Helping Babies Breathe® (HBB) or Essential Care for Every Baby (ECEB), they join local counterparts to provide workshops at local partner institutions, such as hospitals, health centers or universities.

If you are a health professional with an interest in newborn care, this is your chance to become a certified trainer and to gain immediate teaching experience! Join us and help to develop critical neonatal resuscitation and essential care capacity in Africa and Asia!

EHN founding partners:

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